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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Heres a half sleeve I’ve been working on. Theres a few more sittings to go.

Im also getting a business card done up. I whipped up a quick water colour, which is kinda dealing with how I’ve been feeling as of late. My Step brother lost his life to the hands of two scum bag pieces of shit. I only hope that those responsible suffer nothing but pain in this life and the next. RIP Gene


The guy is a legend.

So I kinda forgot to get my girlfriend something for valentines day, so i tattooed the “rose that i forgot to get” on her wrist. Hope it gets me out of the shit.

I need a good flick of this teapot I did on ryan. such a fun tattoo. 



 My boss milly got sick so i took on  her afternoon appointment. The pain threshhold of the client, Elle was ridiculous. we started the tattoo at 4:30, finished at 10:30. 5 brutal hours on the ribs and not a single complaint. I forgot to take  a pic of what we were covering but remembered after we got the outline on. 

13hr day all up. im a tired little boy

So heres a taste of a bit of art that I’ve been doing in my spare time. Ill try update some more stuff soon